Seeking Christ and Having a Change of Heart

The Feast of Epiphany is about seeking Jesus and finding him. Like the three wise men when we find Jesus and encounter him, we are not the same. We experience a change of heart- a new heart with His presence in us. With a change of heart, we are to reveal him to the world.

Fr. Martin, in his sermon, told the following story:

A little boy wanted to meet God. He packed a bag of Twisties, drinks, and then set out of the house. As he came to a park, he sat on a bench next to an old man. He opened his bag to have something to eat when he saw that the old man looked hungry too. Hence, he decided to share his Twisties with him. The old man gratefully accepted the Twisties and gave the boy a broad smile. The boy was so delighted to see the smile that he gave the old man a drink. The old man smiled again.  They sat there just eating and drinking. When evening came, the boy was about to leave and gave the old man a hug. The old man gave him a big smile again. When the boy returned home, he was so full of joy that his mum asked him, “what did you do today that made you so happy?’’ The boy replied” I met God and he has the best smile ever.” The old man returned home too to his son looking joyful. His son asked him “what did you do today that made you so happy?” The old man replied, “I had Twisties with God. And he is much younger than expected.”

Fr. Martin said, very often we take for granted all the little gestures that may bring joy to others. A smile, a wave or even a hug could change someone’s life. We can reveal Christ to the world with simple gestures of kindness and love.

This year may we too seek God and bring joy to others. May we be bearers of the light that brings hope, joy, peace and love to those who walk in the dark.

Follow the bright star of Jesus, because the light of Jesus can overcome the darkest darkness.” Pope Francis   

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