The Son of Man Is Going to His Fate, As the Scriptures Say He Will

My heart sank as Judas slipped away into the night. One of my own chosen disciples, a friend who had walked with me for years, was finalising his betrayal. The darkness creeping over his soul, the bitterness taking root – I had seen it happening. But to orchestrate my arrest and execution for a mere thirty silver coins…the gut-wrenching greed of it made me sick.

Earlier, the disciples had asked about Passover preparations, seemingly unaware of the horrors that were rapidly unfolding. I instructed them to secure an upper room, making arrangements for the Passover meal as the Lamb whose blood would soon be shed.

As evening fell and we gathered around that humble table, I could no longer shelter them. “I tell you the truth, one of you is about to betray me.” Their initial shock gave way to hurt and suspicion between these closest friends. Did they still not understand after all this time?

One by one they pleaded innocence – “Surely not I, Lord?” Even Judas protested, his shadowed eyes already veiled by the influence of Satan on his traitorous tongue that would soon call for my blood. “You have said so,” I replied, utterly drained by his deceit.

Seeing my beloved companions searching their souls for signs of treachery pained me deeply. How I longed to spare them from this agony. It grieved me to the core to thrust this horror upon those I called friends, family. Yet there was no other way to defeat evil’s grip on humanity. The Scriptures foretold this moment when I would willingly become sin’s final sacrifice. Let it unfold according to my Father’s mysterious plan.

Even as they argued, I felt Judas slipping into darkness to carry out his wicked scheme. The threads of divine purpose drew tighter. My soul churned at what loomed – the suffering not just for me but for all forced to travel this agonising path. How I longed to shield them…but some things even the Son of God could not prevent. (Media Team)

The text above is an adaptation of the Gospel reading for Wednesday of Holy Week. For the actual scripture, please refer to the Catholic Daily Missal. This adaptation is intended purely as an aid for reflection.