NBVM CCR Spreads Joy at Nursing Home

As an outreach programme for the Lenten season and also to put ‘faith into action’, the NBVM English Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) mooted the idea of visiting and bringing joy and hope to the residents of Happy Nursing Home in Sungai Dua, Butterworth, on Sunday, March 17th.

Twenty members the CCR ministry visited the home and spent about one and a half hours distributing goodies, diapers, and drinks to the residents, mingling with them, and chatting with them. With the arrival of our guitarist, those more mobile residents came to their makeshift hall to join in singing familiar folk songs such as Rasa Sayang, Burung Kakak Tua, Hari Ini, and other old-time favourites. They even participated in a dance, The Baby Elephant Walk.

Mr and Mrs Saw, the owners of the home, were so happy to see the incredibly positive response of both visitors and residents that they requested for the song Joy to the World to be sung. Before they left, all the residents were each given a red packet, sponsored by NBVM Project Kasih.

At about 4 pm, the visitors and the residents said goodbye to one another. One of the residents even responded to the “goodbye” with “See you again.” A participant summed up the visit by saying, “It was a well-spent Sunday afternoon. As much as we gave joy to them, we received so much more joy from seeing the joy on their faces. This goes to prove what goes around comes around in abundance.”

Some of the visitors stayed on to chat with the owners, encouraging them for the work that they are doing. It was learnt that the nursing home, besides taking in paying residents, also takes in orphans, physically as well as mentally-challenged individuals, and those who need daycare facilities. For those who need dialysis, there is a centre across the road.

The owners thanked the visitors for their visit and generous contributions, asserting that they managed to provide for the residents because of the generous donations from well-wishers and visitors to the home. (By NBVM English CCR)