Christ-like Compassion to the ‘New Lepers’

This week Jesus heals a leper; ‘If you want to’… ‘you can cure me’ said the leper kneeling.

The sketch by Rembrandt depicts the state of the leper- ostracized from the community but Jesus bridges the gap between the community and the leper by His touch.

Fr. Dom explained that Jesus was moved with compassion and touches the untouchable, the castaway from the community , the unwanted. He does not just feel pity and walk away but rather is stirred into action of healing and uniting him back to the community.

The gospel reading today, urges us to reflect on two things Fr. Dom said:

  1. How can we extend Christ – like compassion to the “New – Lepers”(the persons we dislike, the misfit and the Labeled persons) in our society?
  2. How can you make your faith more dynamic and active? Following the example of the Leper

Christ like compassion acts against our ego of ostracizing those we do not like, those who do not think like us, those people we see as misfits and those whom we label. Christ-like compassion reaches out to those ‘New Lepers’ in mercy and love and includes them in the community.

Today we are challenged to imitate Christ and reach out to those we would want to exclude. Secondly, we are challenged to seek God with faith like the leper. In whatever situation we may be, we are His beloved and His mercy extends to all.

Lastly, whatever we do, we should do it out of love and for the glory of God and not for the sake of recognition.

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