How Do We Get to Heaven?

Having celebrated All Saints and All Souls Day this week, the following question may have popped up in our heads- How do we get to heaven? During the homily on All Souls Day, Fr. Raymond shared a simple narrative that would help us live better lives and through the grace of God enter heaven.  

He began his story with three people queuing to enter heaven. Apparently, one has to get 80 marks from St Peter to enter heaven. At the door of heaven stands St Peter to guard the entry and one by one make their way:  

The first person told St Peter that he was active church member and made sure his children served in many ministries. He proudly said that he attended daily mass and other mass celebrations. St Peter was impressed and gave him 10 marks! He was filled with shock and asked why only 10 marks? St Peter explained to him  because “you did not need Jesus”.

Second person met St Peter and began to tell him his good accounts:  I am a Priest of  25yrs,  I had served almost 10,000 masses my whole life. ST PETER impressed again gave him 5marks !

Now a third person came and he spoke to St Peter:  He said “I am a sinner, I did not go  church always only on some occasion, sometimes I drank  alcohol and sometimes I smoked. I am sinner, but I love JESUS so much as He died for my sins. ST PETER gave him 100marks and he entered Heaven.

Moral of the story:

Good works alone do not get us to heaven, we need the grace of God. It is about living our lives in humility knowing that Christ died for our sins and redeemed us. It is about shining the light of Christ to others through our frail humanity knowing that we can do all things through Christ alone.

Fr. Raymond reminded the congregation to pray for the souls because they cannot pray after they are dead. “Always pray for them. For example, if we dream of any souls please offer Mass for them immediately,  they are asking for mass they need MASS. “ Catholics believe in PURGATORY  where the soul needs cleaning & transit before the soul can enter Heaven. The souls in purgatory are longing for God. When we pray for the souls; they enter heaven and they become Saints then, they will in return  pray for us. (by Maria Choo)