NBVM Novena Day 6: Mary is Given to US

On the 6th Day of Novena, Fr. Philip Lai focused on the importance of the community and its existence for the well-being of each member in the community.

The Beginning of the Christian Community

The early Christian community were under the persecution from Roman authorities and while the church was small; they gathered in homes – something like our BEC now. The purpose was to support each other and help each other. As a minority, they kept close watch of each other by having fellowship and catering to spiritual and human needs.

Community Deeply Rooted in Christ

It is important that the community is deeply rooted in Christ – strong in faith to be an instrument in building the community. We have to learn to be Christ like and respect the diversity in our community. We need to respect the different culture, and languages in our community. Ultimately, the differences should strengthen us and draw us closer in faith.

Community that Exists for the Well-being of its members

Community exists for the well-being of its members and at the same time the individual members must also take care of the community. Respect and love must be mutual!

Mary for Us and We for Mary

At the foot of the cross – Jesus called on his beloved disciple, John  to take Mary as his mother and Mary to take John as his son. John at the cross represents us- the beloved disciple of Jesus to take Mary and Mary is given to us.  

Mary accepted the responsibility of being the Mother of the Church and for the well-being of each individual member- each of us must dedicate our lives for the benefit of the community.

What is entrusted to Mary and us is a mutual relationship- we must work together to build our community. Sometimes when diversity in our community seems so wide, we must not isolate ourselves from those who are different from us but instead respect each other’s differences.

My church My home

Different language groups must work together and create a sense of belonging- we need to make My Church My Home a reality.  

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