NBVM Novena Day 3: Young People, Rise with Courage!

Young people of the Church, do not think that you should not care about what goes around you, not participate in society, be in ‘selamba’ mode, or have no concern for matters of the Church and community. The Holy Father has reminded us that there are many in the world today who seek to destroy our faith, our zeal for mission, the lives of Christian people and leaders, and Christ’s Church. You must be concerned about the future of the Church.

Know yourself. Know who you are and realise the potential that you have. The God who loves His creation will give you everything that you need to live in this world. Know your strengths and weaknesses, build your confidence, and don’t be quick to give up when you fall.

You have been set apart. You have been anointed by the Holy Spirit and set apart. Each time God calls a person for a task, He anoints them with the power of the Holy Spirit. Similarly, receiving the Eucharist every Sunday means God is present within you in all your energy and efforts to achieve anything throughout the week. Jesus too received power from the Holy Spirit to be strengthened to do the will of the Father; as did the prophets of old, Elijah, David, Isaiah, and many others. With God’s anointing, the weak are strengthened to do great works for God.

The sacraments give you power. For the Church, Pentecost was a very significant event. Just like you, the disciples in the upper room felt that they were unworthy and too weak to do anything, but on Pentecost, what the Church needs was given. Today, you too receive the power of the Holy Spirit through all the sacraments that you receive.

Do not be afraid! Fear is normal and is experienced by everyone. However, be aware that every time you pray the Lord comes to be with you. He wants to be involved and be a part of everything you are going through. The Lord knows all of your needs; where there is a deficiency, He will provide.

The Holy Spirit comes. At every Mass, when the priest calls upon the Holy Spirit to turn the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, the Holy Spirit comes with full force, not only for this task but also to transform each person present. Every one is involved, for we are the Body of Christ. With the strength to love and forgive from the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit, you are empowered to be witnesses of Christ.

You are called for mission. Each one is called to a unique mission and has been equipped with talents for that mission. You must multiply them and give back to God in all that you do. Realise your mission. You were born for a purpose—not just to eat, do tik-tok, and be on your smartphones! Don’t cancel and put the Holy Spirit on pause.

Young people, realise your mission! But first, rise with courage from your weaknesses, sinfulness, and any obstacles to be like Christ. Then be on mission in the most wonderful way that you know how. It is a duty and a most special gift of hope and faith for the kingdom of God. Work for the Kingdom of God, for it is the only one that will last forever.