NBVM Novena Day 10: The Little, Lost, Least and the Last

On the last day of the Parish Feast celebration, Fr. Patrick Massang reflected on the theme “The little, Lost, Least and the Last”.

Who are they?

The Little: – children who are trafficked everyday- over 1 million children are trafficked for money, child labour and prostitution. The little are also the dwarfs- because they have a bone disorder; stigmatized and our buildings are not user friendly.

The Vulnerable: the indigenous people (orang asli) we drove further into the interior in the name of progress and have deprived them of their land and rights

The Lost: The homeless individuals who have to care for themselves ; those with mental illness; those put in mental institutions; and the young who have lost their way

The Least and the Last: Refugees, the silent seekers who leave their country to find safe a place to live and have no where to turn to; no families; slow learners who suffer and keep away from society;substance dependents; the elderly and the LGBT-created differently.

Fr. Patrick Massang shared his encounter with someone in the midst of a gender transition. He had known her since young and her mum dressed her up as a girl. She was born with both female and male organs. Then the doctors determined that her true identity was male and she has been grappling with this complexity.

He said that in the spirit of synodality, we must participate in their suffering;if you have ears listen and if you have hearts – open. If we do not live our Christian lives in love and forgiveness- God will hold us responsible. We are brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, they belong to the extended family of the Nativity Parish. He also thanked the parishioners for the Kasih Mart where the poor can take provision for the week. He said Synodality emphasises on communion, participation and mission- all of us are called to continue with the mission of Christ. He then prayed for all single parents who go unnoticed and suffer hardship to fend for their family.