Pongal Mass & Celebration 2023

There was a Pongal mass held on 15th January 2023 around 5.30pm at NBVM in conjunction with the celebration of the harvest festival by the Tamil community. The church was beautifully decorated with kolam, sugarcane and clay pots. To mark the celebration of Pongal, there was boiling of sweet rice before the commencement of mass. A large crowd gathered with excitement outside the church to witness the boiling over of milk and rice in the earthen pot.

During mass, Fr. Dom emphasized on 3 main points in his sermon which included “joy (magizhchi), witness (saachi) and scene (kaachi)”. He elucidated on the inner joy that gives birth to us witnessing after having encountered Christ at the scene like the three wise men and John the Baptist. We too encounter Christ at mass and leave with joy to witness. Although we own wealth and worldly possessions, there is always something missing which is the encounter with Christ.

Moreover, mixed lentils and beans, sugarcane, paddy and vegetables were served during offertory amongst other things, as a sign of thanksgiving to God.

After mass, Indian delicacies such as sweet rice, chickpeas, vadai and tea were served to the congregation. Late in the evening, a special event was held at the Nativity Hall where parishioners gathered to witness cultural entertainment such as dancing, kolattam and singing performed by our very own members of the church.

Additionally, we were privileged to have Seberang Perai City Council (MBSP) councillor, David Marshall to participate in the event and joining him was State Assemblyman YB Satees Muniandy who was specially invited as a token of gratitude for the support given to our church and to further commemorate the harvest festival. The night ended with dinner whereby vegetarian food was graciously sponsored by YB.