A Solution to Every Problem

In today’s homily, on Friday of the 1st week in Ordinary Time, Fr. Dom explained three important points from the readings:

  1. Be creative- he said that in the Gospel of Mark 2: 1-12, we see the friends being creative to overcome the problem when they could not enter through the door. They decided to bring their paralytic friend through the roof. Fr. Dom assured the congregation that there is always a solution to a problem – we just need to think outside the box.
  2. Have conviction- the friends of the paralytic believed that Jesus would heal their friend. We need to have a firm belief.
  3. Surrender to God- he said that in 1 Samuel 8:47, 10-22 the people did not surrender to God instead they wanted to be ruled by a king. Fr. Dom reminded the faithful that if they were to surrender themselves to other things, they will become slaves. He said that today the most expensive currency is not money but time. Everyone is so busy chasing after things that do not really matter at the end that they do not have time for what really matters like family. He encouraged all to surrender to God so that they may experience peace and freedom.