Healing Through Faith

On 8th February 2023, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary witnessed a spiritual healing prayer session, conducted by Fr Andrew Manickam. The atmosphere was filled with love, hope, and a deep sense of faith as parishioners gathered in the prayer room with the Blessed Sacrament exposed to seek the healing touch of God.

Fr Andrew started the session with a gospel reading from Mark 6:54-56, which narrates the story of how Jesus healed the sick in the town of Gennesaret. He emphasized the message of hope and healing that was conveyed through the reading, and how it applies to our lives today.

After the gospel reading, Fr Andrew approached each person present, laid his hands over them, and prayed for their healing and well-being. The healing prayer session was transformative experience for many, as they felt the presence of God and His love in their lives.

The healing power of prayer has been a source of comfort and solace for many, and it is an essential part of the Christian faith. Through prayer, we can connect with God, ask for His guidance, and receive His blessings. In times of illness or hardship, prayer can bring us peace and help us to find the strength to overcome our challenges. May we continue to seek the healing touch of God in our lives, and may we always find comfort and peace in His love.