Bikers on Pilgrimage- A Call to Bike Lovers to Join the Nativity Riders PG

On 13 April, the Nativity Riders of Penang began their journey from SCIC and headed towards the three churches in Penang- Our Lady of Sorrows, Immaculate Conception, and the Cathedral of the Assumption. It was journey of faith and solidarity as we made this pilgrimage in prayer for our parishioners and the Nativity Centre.

The journey gave us an opportunity to deepen our faith as we prayed in each of the churches we visited and grow in solidarity with joyful fellowship along the way. It was a memorable experience as we rode along the streets of Penang with faith and prayer – a purpose to deepen our faith and draw closer to Jesus.  At dusk, we (Fr. Dom, Mr. Francis and I) made our way back to NBVM.

The Nativity Riders PG is a new group formed at our parish inviting all bike lovers and riders to join us in our future bike pilgrimages to experience the wonderful opportunity to ride with faith and love for Jesus. All types of bikes are welcomed and we look forward to having more participants for our future rides.  by Nicholas S 

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