Into the Wilderness

As we enter the season of Lent, we too journey into the wilderness as Jesus did to face our demons so that we are strengthened to carry on with our mission. Immediately after His baptism, Jesus was driven by the spirit into the desert for 40 days to be tempted by Satan (Mark 1: 12-15). Jesus fasted, prayed and overcame the temptations and then returned to embark on His mission.

Our journey into the wilderness is a journey to empty ourselves of all that draws us away from the Lord so that we are strengthened to participate in the mission entrusted to us. This is a journey of the soul- a time to grapple with the very same temptations that Jesus faced -sensual desires, our ego and the craving for power. It is a time to free ourselves from all the unceasing desires that dominate our lives and reflect on the deeper meaning of our existence.

To make this journey a meaningful one, we may do the following: 

Pray- talk to God – tell him your thoughts, emotions and desires

  • listen to Him- spend some quiet moments
  • say rosary, reflect on the Stations of the Cross and attend mass (if possible)

Fast- fast from things that you are too attached to and control your life

  • take a breather to feel the nudge of the spirit

Almsgiving- is an act of love

  • be more spontaneous to give
  • there are many poor people today; many who have lost jobs and many who are ashamed to ask. May be we can just give without questioning much.

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