Food & Drink

Christmas is coming soon and let’s celebrate this festive occasion with some good food. Here are some of the best Christmas delicacies that will put you in the right mood.

Jeff’s BBC

Erwin & Cousins

Mrs Anu Homemade Cookies and Cakes

Janet James Christmas Cakes & Cookies


J.J. Cookies

Yorks Cottage

Mature Sugee Fruit cake with rum 6” / 4”x8” : RM 100/ RM 50
Cranberries Butter Cake with Cream cheese frosting 6’’ : RM 80
Brownies 6” /8” with deco : RM 70/ RM100
Blueberries Cheese cake 6”/8” : RM85/ RM120

Mitchell’s Marmalade

RP Signature Box

Denis Fruit Cakes

Jenvin Bakery

Alice Homemade Raw Chocolate

RM20 per box of 18 pieces
6 flavours available
• Original Dark Raw Chocolate
• Dark Coffee Raw Chocolate
• Hazelnut Raw Chocolate
• Matcha White Raw Chocolate
• Blueberry White Raw Chocolate
• Desiccated Coconut White Raw Chocolate

PL Homemade

Christmas Special Roast


Homemade Ice Cream

MS Baking Ingredients