Journeying With Mary

During the closing of the Rosary Month on 31 October, the faithful gathered together for the Living Rosary in three languages at the Grotto of Our Lady. Following that was a processional dance by the Tamil Liturgical Group for the hymn “Enna Azhagu” and mass.

In breaking the word, Fr Dom explained that we need to pray genuinely from the heart. He said praying the rosary is not a marathon but a meditative prayer. He suggested reciting the Lord’s prayer and 3 Hail Marys with a conscious heart should we find it difficult to complete the whole rosary.

He said that the reading reminds us about having less self-interest and being other-centered. Christian principle is not about what benefits us but rather the common good (Wisdom 11: 22-12:2). Unlike what the world preaches “I scratch your back and you scratch my back”. Jesus unlike politicians stood up for what was important and for the common good.

Living Rosary was recited in 3 Languages as part of the closing of the Rosary month.

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Meditative Prayer: Year of Prayer in 2023.

Fr. Dom reminded the parishioners of the coming year 2023 which is dedicated to prayer. He urged the parishioners to take time to pray. He asked them to try the “Walking Cross”- Remembering and Meditating on the Holy Trinity.

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