NBVM Novena Day 8: We Need to Empty Ourselves to Experience the Healing Grace of God

In his homily today, Fr. Simon urged the congregation to put the heart and mind of St. Luke in order to see the ‘face of mercy’ of Jesus. There is a misconception that God punishes us for our sins- He does not; He is there to forgive, heal and include us.

The unique parables in Luke of the Good Samaritan, Prodigal son, Pharisee and tax collector and narrative of  Jesus on the cross forgiving his persecutors focus on the Christian attributes of compassion, forgiveness, healing and inclusiveness. Pride is a stumbling block toward healing because we are so full of ourselves and fail to recognise the healing presence of Jesus. When we cannot look at the goodness of others but only at the sins of others, we stop recognising the healing presence of Jesus.  

“Why do you observe the splinter in your brother’s eye and never notice the great log in your own? Luke 6:39-42

Fr. Simon, stressed that Jesus longs to forgive, heal and include us in his company. We are here because we believe Jesus heals, to receive the Eucharist and also to pray for those who are not there and have given up. He explained that people give up for two reasons – fear and because they cannot make sense of what is happening in their lives. When one is sick one may be filled with the fear of impending death. We are assured that “Jesus is with us till the end of time.

Healing can come in many forms- physical, emotional and mental. Healing takes place when we can understand now what we could not make sense of before; through touch and reconciliation like the Father in prodigal son embracing his son or through care and gentleness when the good Samaritan poured oil and water onto the wounds of the man. We all need healing especially when we have experienced broken relationships. In order to experience the healing grace, we need to strip ourselves of pride and recognise the presence of Jesus.

Fr. Simon then led the congregation in invoking the Holy Spirit and praying for healing physically, emotionally and mentally.

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