“Come” says the Good Shepherd

“Come “was what Fr. Konstend heard that led him into his priesthood. On this special day of the Good Shepherd, Fr. Konstend shared his story of his call to serve the Lord.

Having been born in a Catholic family, he followed the traditions and teachings of the church because of his family. During his teenage years, sports became the centre of his life that he began missing Sunday masses and classes.   As he entered adulthood, life became even more hectic with work and leisure. His late nights kept him away from Sunday masses.  But, somewhere deep down he hungered for that balance in life.

Nothing changed until one day he landed in the hospital for nine days after an accident; it was this “nine day hospital novena” that awakened him and made him realise that he was missing something in his life – time for God.  He began taking the difficult steps back to church, started attending vocation camps and after sometime in prayer and meditation, he heard his call “Come”. Hence began his journey into priesthood.

He said the Good Shepherd calls each one of us- we just need to pay attention. Life with Good Shepherd is one of joy and fills the soul. He called all the young men to listen and heed the call. – SR

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