FLOW with Christ

This week we see Abraham, a man of faith who walks obediently to the will of God. He does not understand but yet follows what was instructed of him. He had a personal and an intimate relationship with God.

Fr. Dom, in breaking the word explained that this week’s readings point us towards a relationship with God. A relationship is based on a good prayer life- which is basically communicating with God regularly. Setting aside time being with Him and knowing Him.

Fr. Dom added that our relationship has to FLOW with Christ and is based on 4 pillars-

  1. F– Feeling- having this wonderful feeling of being in the presence of the Lord- “ it is wonderful for us to be here” (Mark 9:5). When we experience this feeling of peace and tranquility with the Lord, we would want to stay-on in His presence.
  2. L– Listening- we have to take time to listen to God in our hearts. Prayer is not just asking God for what we want but also listening patiently to what He is saying to us. This takes practice. We need to tune our hearts to His voice and silence the noise of this world. This means spending quiet moments in His presence.
  3. O– Obedience- we have to follow what God wants of us like Abraham even though we do not understand. We need to trust Him. Abraham followed as he was instructed and was even willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.
  4. W– Word- we have to keep the word of God with us at all times. The word is “a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path”. (Ps 119:105)

This Lent, we are called to a deeper relationship with God. Take this time to build a good relationship with the Lord. FLOW with Him. – SR

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